Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shyam at Livermore Temple

Shyam took his second trip to the Livermore Shiva Vishnu temple, this time with his ammumma and appuppan.

Shyam at Livermore Temple

Shyam in Big Basin

We visited Big Basin Redwoods State Park to see the giant Sequoia's with my parents and Shyam last Saturday. Some pictures from the trip.

Amma, Achan and Shyam in Big Basin

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shyam's Annaprashan

Shyam, as baby of two cultures, will probably have two of many ceremonies. Here is his second feeding ceremony, this time at Ishani's parents' place in Guwahati.

The irony is in spite of two ceremonies and many people putting many spoons to his lips, he is still not on solids.

Shyam Annaprashan

Updated with minor tweaks to the language of the post, removing improper pronoun reference: "A baby of two cultures, I expect Shyam...." which suggested I was a baby of two cultures. Vestige from the GMAT days.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Shyam's Choroonu

Today we had a ceremony for symbolic feeding of solids for Shyam. He has a teeny taste of a mash of rice, banana, payasam, papad and salt. He also got to dress up in a kurta and wear some jewellery. He was a well behaved baby through the entire ceremony and even did some singing at the end. :)

Shyam choroonu

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Most of you know, so will just add a link to the photo album.

The first impressions

Baby Dictionary

Main Entry: bond·ing
Pronunciation: \ˈbän-diŋ\
1 : green baby poop overflowing from the diaper on to the father's jeans and polo shirt while the father tries to burp the infant

Main Entry: 1sleep
Pronunciation: \ˈslēp\
1 : the natural periodic suspension of consciousness allowed by lack of baby's crying, and parent taking a break from obsessively looking at the sleeping child, downloading pictures and blogging about it.
2 : is overrated

Main Entry: food
Pronunciation: \ˈfüd\
1 : material to be demanded from the mother at the threat of heartbreaking wails, every two hours.
2 : the wonderful creations of the mom's mother sustaining the grateful parents

Main Entry: 1ba·by
Pronunciation: \ˈbā-bē\
1 : a feeding-pooping machine in a cloth bundle
2 : also refers to a little bundle of joy

("main entry" and "pronunciation" from Merriam Webster)