Monday, December 1, 2008

O'Reilly on Obama's National Security Team

One of the drains on my time over the last months has been the never ending presidential election campaign. As a news junkie, I try to get multiple view points. I try to watch O'Reilly Factor once in a while, cringing through a lot of it, as I want to get some conservative view point.

I figured given Obama's choice of a centrist team, disappointing some who voted for him, it would be interesting to see what Bill thinks. After all, Bob Gates from the Bush administration is staying on as Sec. of Defense. And Jim Jones a formar NATO commandant, who disagreed(s?) with Obama on a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, as National Security Advisor. 

How would O'Reilly make this consistent with his theme of 'I am fearful of Obama'? Easy. By not saying mentioning these two gentlemen in his review of the team. 

Does my desire to get opposing views extend to watching Hannity and Colmes? Nah! I switch over to Hardball for this hour, as Chris Matthews asks his guest if the left feels betrayed by these choices. 

I long to take refuge with Jon Stewart.

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Adam Lasnik said...

Like you, Murali, I yearn to get multiple viewpoints, but I have yet to find an articulate, logical, thoughtful conservative commentator :-(. Let me know when you find one!