Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Assam Road Trip 2008 Map

I created a custom map with the locations we visited as a part of the road trip in Assam. The locations indicated with the blue markers are places we visited. We are also using this map to add locations associated with the family in Assam. For example, Ishani's grandparents on her mom's side live in Moran (green marker).
  • Guwahati
  • Tezpur
  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Jorhat
  • Sibsagar

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fish for Lunch!

An advantage of living close to the ocean is that you get fresh fish closeby. We got some King Fish (locally known as Vajram) from the market and then recorded amma cooking fish curry and fry.

I put together a video of that below. The ingredients of the paste were not very clear in the video. I have listed them below:
  • Paste for the fish curry - coconut, chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, shallots and curry leaves
  • Paste for the fish fry - pepper, fennel seeds, shallots, chilli powder.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Visit to a construction site

This morning we stopped by a home construction site as Mike and Bernie were interested in observing how buildings are constucted here. Mike was true to his reputation, climbing up the rickety ladder to check out the top of the building.

Here are a couple of pictures shot on my G1.

Pimli's Birthday

hmmm cake!

Three Too Many!

Q. How do you work on 4 computers at the same time? 
A. This is how!

Q. Why do you work on 4 computers at the same time? 
A. Well, because you can!


Mike and Bernie arrived at Chennai last night. But you never truly arrive till you've had something to eat!

Its been 3 years - let us feast!

This is the first time we have been back home for our wedding anniversary. Is there ever a better excuse for stuffing our bellies with food. Here is a traditional Kerala lunch being laid out on banana leaves.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Corn Roasted Over a Flame

Walking by the Bay of Bengal, strong sea wind, great time for some corn roasted on a vivid flame and rubbed with lime juice and spices! 

An embedded Google Map for those who are curious where this place - Elliot's Beach - is located.

Bird Feed - Freshly Served

Turns out that Ishani and I are not the only people who flew in to get some food from my mom. This crow has been a regular companion ouside my mom's kitchen (across a screen) since it was little. It follows my mom, jumping from one side of the window to the other as she moves around the kitchen. When it was little, the crow used to caw till my mom put some food out there. But now, it is well behaved and just waits the turn. 

My mom explains in the video that the crow does not like rice as much as the thick layer of milk fat (left behind when milk is boiled and cooled, as seen in video) and egg yolk. Also, she is visited by 4 pigeons later in the day for more food.

Monday, December 1, 2008

O'Reilly on Obama's National Security Team

One of the drains on my time over the last months has been the never ending presidential election campaign. As a news junkie, I try to get multiple view points. I try to watch O'Reilly Factor once in a while, cringing through a lot of it, as I want to get some conservative view point.

I figured given Obama's choice of a centrist team, disappointing some who voted for him, it would be interesting to see what Bill thinks. After all, Bob Gates from the Bush administration is staying on as Sec. of Defense. And Jim Jones a formar NATO commandant, who disagreed(s?) with Obama on a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, as National Security Advisor. 

How would O'Reilly make this consistent with his theme of 'I am fearful of Obama'? Easy. By not saying mentioning these two gentlemen in his review of the team. 

Does my desire to get opposing views extend to watching Hannity and Colmes? Nah! I switch over to Hardball for this hour, as Chris Matthews asks his guest if the left feels betrayed by these choices. 

I long to take refuge with Jon Stewart.


It has been about 6 months since I blogged. Not because time stopped, but because I slacked. 

Given that the last time I blogged was when I visited India, I am making another (feeble) attempt, given that we are visiting home again!