Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ब्लॉगर Transliteration

Just playing around blogger settings and noticed the transliteration feature and thought I will give it a shot.

Hindi - आती क्या खन्डाला? (Will you come to Khandala?)

Tamil - இது ஏப்படி இருக்கு? (How is this?)

Malayalam - എന്ടെ ഗുരുവൌരപ്പ! (My lord!)

That was easy!

Disclaimer - I think the above is mostly correct, though the scripts I studied are slightly different from what is generated on a computer screen.


ctrlalteredmind said...

that's pretty cool. I wonder how the transliteration would work for words having a rolling pronunciation (Maharashtrians usually use a rolling -la sound for Khandala)

Frank said...

Hey thats Guruvayurappa and not simply "Lord"! Where do I post Google bug reports I wonder.

Murali said...

Its transliteration man, not translation. Those words are mine.