Monday, October 8, 2007

Internet People: A crash course on buzz videos

A friend recently pointed me to this cool video called Internet People.

It is a clever compilation of some of the memorable characters in the Internet world. I recognized a few videos, but realized I did not know most of these characters. Therefore, I set about identifying the characters that were called out in this video. I found some funny, some outright mean (and passing as humor), some pointless, but the vast majority entertaining. As I watched the videos, I was struck by the low-tech/low-cost production of most of these videos and the millions of eyeballs that have feasted on them.

My favorites are Evolution of Dance , Ok Go and Lazy Sunday Rap. If you are in the mood for some sillies, may I suggest Peanut butter jelly time, Sneezing baby panda and Tom Cruise kills Oprah!!.

I am not sure if I got the right videos for some of the characters and for some I dare not provide a link (Ishani and I got a shocker of a lifetime when we brought up goatse). It is safe to say that you might want to avoid watching many of these videos at work, particularly the ones I've marked "expletives". But if you are looking to kill some time, or catch up on the events in the Internet buzz world, enjoy!

Dramatic prairie dog
Starwars Kid
Numa Numa
Back Street boys lip synch
Napster bad (expletives)
Winnebago Man (expletives)
Jib jab (sample)
GI Joe cartoons (sample)
We like the moon
Superbowl is gay (expletives)
Ask a Ninja (sample)
lonelygirl15 (sample)
Average Homeboy
House of Cosby
Chad Vader
Lazy Sunday Rap (very very cool!, SNL)
The kid from brooklyn (expletives)
Bubb Rubb
George Lucas in Love
Kramer's rant (expletives)
Myspace movie
Chunk Norris Facts (sample)
Telling it all (geriatric stories)
I kiss you
Stanley Kubrick audition
Leroy Jenkins doesn't listen
Homestar runner (sample)
Grape stomp (mean)
All your base are belong to us
Ok Go (Cool!!!)
Shining trailer recreation
Sneezing baby panda
Dick in a box (explicit, SNL)
Rocketboom (sample)
Yacht Rock (?)
Snakes on a plane (music video, expletives)
Angry German Kid (expletives)
Otters holding hands
Dax Flame (sample)
Bride cutting hair
Steven Colbert roasting Bush (part 1)
Little superstar (and the real one too!)
Lightning bolt
Kelly shopping for shoes
Tom Cruise kills Oprah!! (way cool!!)
White and Nerdy (fun)
K-Fed Popozoa
Washington washington (explicit)
Ashley Simpson unsynched
Boom Goes the dynamite
Lily Tomlin in a fight (?)
Peanut butter jelly time (stupid, hilarious)
Christmas lights set to music (cool!)
Cptn Kirk singing Rocketman
Evolution of Dance (the best)
Chocolate Rain


ctrlalteredmind said...

goatse isnt for the faint of heart! :/

Mary said...

We checked out the silly ones -- loved watching Tom Cruise kill Oprah!