Sunday, September 23, 2007

Purisima Creek Redwood Trail

Early Saturday morning we took a hike in the beautiful Purisima Creek near Half Moon Bay. It was a rainy day and getting there through the narrow windy roads served as an apt appetizer for the actual hike. Ishani and I hiked with Kanan, Pradyumna, Kanan's cousin Abhijit, Aaron and Jayita.

The rain provided some hardship for the photographers, but it also accentuated the colors. Many of the pics I took were blurry owing to low light and my shaky hands. You can check out some pictures in the album below:
Purisima Trail

It was a lovely, though wet, 7 mile hike through the woods. We accidentally added some more distance to the trail by going the wrong way for a while before Jayita realized we were supposed to be going downhill instead.

By the time we were done with the hike, we were very hungry for some starch. We found some good quality starch at Pasta Moon Ristorante at Half Moon Bay.

Of the two bay area hikes (the other being Castle Rock), this was the best hike so far.

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