Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day at Archana and Nishanth's

Irvine was hot!!!

Except for getting stuck in 5 mph traffic for 45 mins on hwy 152, the drive to Irvine was smooth.

With the weather proving too hot for comfort, we stayed indoors for most of the day, except for going out for some food (Yogurt Land, Thanh Vietnamese Restaurant, BJ's) and a walk by the Laguna beach at night.

We did not really have to venture out as Archana made yummy food - chat, pani-puri, pav-bhaji, dum aloo, dal makhni etc., and Nishanth had his barbecue hat on.

Other than that, we sat around and caught up on life, watched India beat England in Cricket and admired Discovery channel on our hosts' 46 inch HDTV.

It was, a vacation.

We left early on Monday to take the scenic route home. Unfortunately, we took the boring parts of the route and missed out on the more scenic routes because of traffic concerns driving out of Monterey bay on the labor day weekend.

We will save that for another time!

Visiting Archana and Nishanth in Irvine, CA


nish_the_dish said...

It is a 46" TV. :-)

Murali said...

Duly noted and expanded :)