Monday, September 24, 2007

Bird's Eye View

It was not too long ago when we as map users had to contend with poor quality maps that took for ever to load. Not anymore.

There are many cool options. Starting with the vastly improved UI, we now have the option of satellite view, traffic info etc. Then Google sent hoards of vehicles around the country to acquire photographs for the street view feature.

That kicked up some privacy concerns as some people found themselves on such maps.

I recently came across this video about Microsoft flying planes around the Europe capturing aerial photos, for better resolution and details than satellite images, particularly the 3D views. Looks cool!

With all this high tech images, it was refreshing to find a tangential piece in BBC about a new book with pictures taken from a kite in India. You can find more pictures from the book (India: A Kite's Eye View by Nicolas Chorier) in his website (under the Edition tab).

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