Friday, August 10, 2007

Googler et cetera

The last few months have been rather, let us say, carefree. There is something to be said for having minimal responsibilities. Some might claim that I've been in that state since full time business school. Whatever said, the utopia cannot last for long.

Time to descend to the real world!

I am not complaining, I am excited! Here are a few things that I am excited about:
  • Being a part of the Google culture, being a Googler, and the entrepreneurial brew of the valley.

(while you are at it, you can check out another Googler song)
  • Reconnecting with friends who live in this part of the world
  • The weather!!
  • So many national parks within a few hour radius
  • Great Indian and other food options!
Things that bothers me about this place
  • Silicon valley's redefinition of "well-to-do"
  • I-have-to-drive-to-get-anywhere syndrome, also known as limited public transport options (compared to Chicago, not Eden Prairie)
I am sure these lists will grow over time, hopefully the former than the latter.

Right here, right now, life is good!

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