Saturday, August 11, 2007

Goodbye Harry!

It was the Summer of 2001 when I first read J.K. Rowling's creation Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I was not the target audience; I got my book just 'cause of all the furore over midnight lines over the third (or fourth) book. Since then I've been hooked to the series and its wonderful characters.

I have given myself up to the wizarding world and followed it with a muggle's curiosity. Be it the unforgivable curses, the horcruxes, the mirror of erised, quidditch, thestrals, etc. Or the intense characters that betray flaws and demonstrate fierce friendships. As I read through the books, I noticed that interestingly, I still picture Harry to be the Harry from the book illustrations (as opposed to Daniel Radcliffe), but most other characters to be the ones in the movies. Either way, these characters continue to remain with me and my imagination.

So when I received my copy of the final book by mail on the evening of 21st July and after hours of isolating myself from everything, including my dear wife and valued sleep, when I finally got off the roller coaster of a book, I felt drained. That was it! It was finally over, reached a logical and complete conclusion. I realize there will be multitudes of tales in today's web-lore that will pickup where JKR left us. But, the conclusions were so satisfactory that anything else now would seem, for a lack of better word, contrived. I would rather relish what I have by reading it for the umpteenth time and reliving the struggles and adventures.

Given that the illustrated Harry has left such a strong impression, I thought it was apt to put together a short Harry Potter Illustrations video based on the book cover illustrations by Mary GrandPre, with John Williams' Lumos! ( Hedwig's Theme) as the background.

To J.K. Rowling and her team, thanks for your great work. Maybe someday my child and I will have a shared spark in our eyes as we relive these stories.

Till then, mischief managed!


Vinod said...

Nice work! Takes some enthu (or, er, obsession). So hiw did you create the panning effect? Old-fashioned panning with a tripod? Mike's?

Murali said...

Vinod, I scanned the pictures and used photoshop to create a video.. no tripods :)

nish_the_dish said...

Good stuff Mur. I liked the video and the music, and I am not even a Potter fan.

Bernie said...

Murali, Great video...
One thing to add: a shout out to Mary GrandPre, the artist who did all the cover illustrations (and I think the internal book illustrations as well) on the US editions of the Harry Potter series. She was living in St. Paul, MN, when she illustrated the first cover and now lives in Florida. She truly has made the image of Harry alive for all of us.