Saturday, July 14, 2007

Roadtrip Day 1

I have been way too lazy to add any new text to the blog. But, I have been busy uploading pictures from the trip to the online albums. Finally it is time to unveil those pictures.

The first day of the trip: Today distance about 700 miles. Out on the road around 7:15 am from Eden Prairie, MN. Reached Flat Iron, Hot Springs, SD at about 9:00 pm. Three fuel stops.

<--- Google Map of the various stops along the way.

: Awesome, totally unexpected in South Dakota, scorching hot!!

Mt Rushmore: Did not enter, stopped on the side of the road for pics.

Lunch: Chapatti, jam, peanut butter, hot sauce.. (don't ask)
Dinner: Rice (carried a rice cooker), Dal Makhni (heat and eat), Ice cream (about the only store open at 9 PM)

Here are some pictures from the first day of the road trip (Click on the pictures to go to the album with all the pictures):

1. Eden Prairie to Bad Lands, South Dakota
Road Trip: Eden Prairie to Bad Lands

2. Badlands
Badlands, SD

3. Mount Rushmore (few, pictures, blurry presidents)
Mount Rushmore

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