Saturday, July 21, 2007

Road Trip Day 5: Grand Canyon, AZ to San Jose, CA

"Check your engine oil every other gas stop, else you will be walking"

Last day of the road trip: Grand Canyon, AZ to San Jose, CA (Sumanth and Supriya's)

Total distance of about 750 miles.

This was the final stretch on this long drive. By this point, it was all about getting to the destination.

On the road trip, I checked the engine oil ever day in the morning before we started. The car needed oil only at the start of day 2. So, I was surprised when a motorcyclist shouted out the above warning to me about checking oil while driving through the desert; he claimed the oil just evaporates in the heat. Though I was quite skeptical about this message, I heeded his words and was glad I did. The oil level dropped from full to almost empty between two gas stops. We saw a few cars abandoned on the way and wondered if that would have been our fate too...

.. as it happened that was not the case and we made it safe through the cactus, the windmills and cattle farms. Yeah, we made it to the bay area.

Dinner: I've already blogged about it :)

Arizona to California
Grand Canyon to San Jose

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