Saturday, July 14, 2007

Road Trip Day 3

Day 3: Yellowstone WY, to Nephi, UT.

Total distance about 450 miles. We left Yellowstone early in the morning and made multiple stops within the park, viewing the geysers and other wildlife on the way. It took us several hours just to get out of the park and to drive through the Grand Teton National Park. The road was hilly and windy for most of the trip, till we reached Salt Lake City.

This was the most tiring day of the road trip.

By the end of the third day, I was looking to cut the trip short. We almost decided to skip the drive through Grand Canyon and instead go to Las Vegas, reducing the travel by a few hundred miles and seeking better comforts.

But, another look at the map of the Utah-Arizona border, with all the national parks on the way convinced me that it is worth the pain.

We also had a spider for company in our hotel room.

Dinner: Rice, sambhar, palak paneer and kesari!

Yellowstone Geysers
Yellowstone - Old Faithful and other Geysers

Yellowstone to Nephi, UT
Yellow Stone to Nephi, Utah

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