Saturday, July 14, 2007

Road Trip Day 2

Day 2: Hot Springs, SD to Yellow Stone, WY

Total distance about 560 miles. Stops on the way: Mammoth Excavation Site, Hot Springs SD, stop to view Prairie Dogs and Bison, and two fuel stops. On the road around 10 am, reached Yellow Stone at about 7 pm.

Lunch: Tamarind rice
Dinner: Eggplant Parmesan and some fish dish, apart from some heat and eats.

Mammoth Excavation Site: Great story about how tens of mammoths ended up in a natural pit, preserving their remains for 26,000 years.

Yellow Stone National Park (Hot Springs): Stunning, highlight of the road trip; pictures in the album probably do more justice to this site.

Flat Iron and Mammoth Excavation Site
HotSprings: Flat Iron and Mammoth Site

Yellowstone National Park - Mammoth Hot Springs.
Yellowstone - Mammoth Hot Springs

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Vinod said...

how the heck does one manage eggplant parmigiana on the second day of a road trip?