Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Today we got the keys to our apartment in Mountain View. We selected some paints from Home Depot this evening and started painting under the guidance of Sumanth and Supriya.

We chose very striking colors, always a gamble. We will find out how we fared after the paint dries out.

The process was fun, particularly as Amma was so enthusiastic about painting that she was competing hard to get the roller away from everyone else.

We ran out of couple of paints and have left those half way through to be completed tomorrow. I was surprised to find that the stores will be open though it is the 4th of July holiday here.

I will post more pictures after all the painting is done, but I wanted to share some work in progress pictures.

Time to sleep, its 1:53 AM on July 4th.


Vinod said...

So far so good... I like the colours I see...
So long as it is not bright green a la Nandakumar....

ctrlalteredmind said...

the orange looks awesome! - sameer

The Rock said...

Can I hire Sumanth and Supria to paint my home?

They Rock!!