Sunday, July 8, 2007

Minnesota Moments

I lived in Minnesota for about 4.5 years and Ishani was there about 3 years. In spite of the harsh winters, we always liked the place, largely because of the people and the relationships. It was satisfying to provide an insight into those relationship to my parents.

We stayed at Mike and Bernie's in Eden Prairie from June 23rd to June 27th. Amma and Achan slept in the guest bedroom, while we used M&B's bed room; they crashed over at Trudy's.

Amma and achan found Eden Prairie a welcome change from the high rises of Chicago. They were able to go for walks on their own in the mornings and were also able to be closer to nature. They also met Flora and Francis with whom they were able to converse in Tamil. They were also happy to pet Trudy's pet dog, Mosby. To top it off, the Farrells and Trudy were great hosts. All this ensured that my parents really enjoyed their time in Eden Prairie.

Ishani and I caught up with lot of old friends over a few potlucks.

I have uploaded some pictures from our stay in Eden Prairie. Click on the picture below to view the album.
Minnesota Moments

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