Friday, July 6, 2007

Finished Product

Given Vinod was so excited about the painting in progress, I felt compelled to post pictures of completed walls.

The colors are Wild Manzanita (bed room), Hawaiian Passion (dining), Pumpkin Patch (living room) and Lovely Lavender (office).

Vinod, I will also put in a good word with Sumanth about your requests.


Universal Speck said...

Nice colors! I liked the Blue one quite a bit!

Just saw the comment about a-la Nandakumar in the previous paint post from mr.V!
..what can I say, it still gets talked about, 3 years hence! :-)

indrani said...
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indrani said...

ishani and murali-u guys know u have an awesome back up profession now!!;)the colours look very nice!!