Saturday, July 7, 2007

Chicago to Eden Prairie (June 22 )

Even before we got to Eden Prairie, as we were getting out of Chicago, the road trip started off rather uncomfortably. After the movers took most of our stuff, we had estimated that what was left can be comfortably packed into my car and can be taken along during our trip. What a mistake!!

Not only did we have twice as much stuff as we could fit comfortably in the car, we were running more than an hour late from our planned departure time and were getting well into the peak rush hour on a Friday afternoon in Chicago. We had to junk a few of the things that we had initially planned on bringing along and packed the car up. There was some serious debate among us about shipping some stuff to Eden Prairie, but we decided against it.

Thus began the road trip that we had planned for months, in the most unorganized fashion. We reached Mike and Bernie's a little past mid night.

We were glad to be home again.

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