Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Stepping out

After years of convincing my parents to visit me in the USA, they finally arrived last night to attend my graduation and experience a bit of the country, as Ishani and I get ready to move to California. This being their first time outside India, my plan was to make sure everything was taken care of.

Day 1: That plan got off to a bad start when I reached the airport late. Following that, our cab drive home was quite eventful, albeit annoying. The driver was acting silly and kept increasing the volume of the Arabic music he was playing when I asked him to keep it down. Apart from all his shouting and histrionics, he wanted Ishani and I to have a baby... as if we needed one more person to tell us that.

Rest of the evening, fortunately, was quite tame: unpack and unwind.

Day 2:

This morning we decided to head out to Devon to get some fresh veggies and desi stuff. Given my addiction for public transport, we chose the longer way of getting there. This helped them get a taste of the city's infrastructure and its people. An underground train ride and short bus ride later we were at the Gandhi Marg portion of Devon Avenue.

We visited couple of grocery stores. Every time I travel from Chennai, amma laboriously packs bags and bags of various spice mixes and goodies. I was never able to convince her that I can find most of that stuff at the Indian grocery stores here. But today she witnessed that first hand and were quite impressed by the array of available options. I hope that I have not shot myself in the foot by putting an end to future goodies; I doubt that.

Having filled our bags with enough to last us for the week we headed home, this time in a cab.

Ishani and amma busy in the kitchen.... posing.

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