Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Navy Pier

Day 7

After all the activity of the graduation day, Monday was the day to relax and take care of mundane matters, like groceries at Devon. We also got some "chaat" from Devon and my parents tried pani-poori for the first time; they liked it, but they prefer the poori on its own. Archana and Nishanth were their instructors in the fine art of eating the paani-poori.

In the evening we walked to the Navy Pier and back. Archana, Nishanth and Ishani enjoyed a ride on the "Wave Swinger". I have placed an amateur line to highlight where the people of interest are in the picture to the right. The giant ferris wheel is in the background of the picture.

We had something to drink at the park, that made us sick and shrunk us down (ok, ok.. we were standing in front of a mirror with distortion).

And if you were wondering where we are at, the picture to the right will show you our location exactly.

The Navy Pier houses a collection of stained glass artwork which provided a nice backdrop for some touristy pictures.

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indrani said...

i told ishani to get me the same kind of sandals that shez wearing but she didn't...:(