Thursday, June 7, 2007

Millennium Park

Day3: Today was warm and muggy - all round decent day for an evening walk in the park. One of my favorite Chicago locations is the Millennium Park. It has so much open space right in the heart of the city for great views of the city's skyline (Aon Center, pictured right).

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion (left) seems an ideal setting for open air concerts and events, though I haven't experienced one there.

On a warm day like today, the Crown fountain provides a fun way to cool down. It is almost like a waterfall when the water drops from the top of the structure. The pictures on the giant screens (there is another screen facing this one) keep changing in pairs. You can see kids drenching in the water spouting from the structure in the picture to the right.

The park also hosts sculptures by different artists around the year. Amma is seen in a swing that is a part of Mark di Suvero's art work.

My favorite part of the park is the Cloud Gate sculpture. I find it appealing in many ways - the shape, the surface and its location. These ensure great reflections of the city's skyline.

It also presents the reflections of self in many interesting forms and that is better explained in pictures than words. The picture to the left was captured lying on the floor right under the central part of Cloud Gate.

Here is one more pictures of the city skyline on the sculpture. The sculpture was designed by Bombay born, London based designer, Anish Kapoor.


Frank said...

So when does the road trip begin?

fallen angel said...

hey B.I.L. uncle looks cool in the blue shirt...aunty seems to be having loads of fun too in the swing!!