Monday, June 18, 2007

A Day in DC

Day 12:

Saturday was the day one of our two day trip to the East Coast, to visit the major landmarks of USA, before heading West to California.

The first stop was the US capital, Washington District of Columbia. We took an early morning flight to DC and planned our day around the wonderful DC Metro trains, directly from the Regan National airport. We got off at the Federal Central metro stop.

The US Capitol was the first stop for the day. Most of the places on our list was on one long walk from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. The weather was ideal - it was a glorious, sunny day.

We visited the National Air and Space Museum next. Amma and Achan are standing next to couple of giant missiles. My parents were most impressed with a show in the planetarium about "Cosmic Collisions", and how the moon was formed etc.

The Smithsonian museums are large enough for us to spend a whole day in each of them. Instead of doing that we decided to spend a short time at couple of them.

The next stop was at the National Museum of Natural History. Here we watched a short film about lions in Kalahari - Lions, 3D. Featured to the right are my parents and Ishani in front of an Easter Island rock sculpture.

The Washington Monument was at about the midpoint of our walk. Amma and Ishani are engrossed in a conversation.

Lincoln Memorial at the far end of the walk.

The Washington Monument and its image on the Reflecting Pool viewed from outside the Lincoln Memorial.

Final stop of the walk was the White House.

After visiting all the prerequisite touristy stuff, we took the train up to Bethesda, MD, where I had interned 6 summers back. The escalator in the station was along one as the station is quite some distance below the ground level. Achan was a bit uncomfortable with this ride.

To the right is another view of inside of the DC Metro station.

We ended the day by hitting the beds at the Courtyard Marriot at Crystal City, close to the Regan National airport. We had yet another early morning flight the next day, this time from DC to New York.

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