Friday, June 22, 2007

Ciao Chicago

I blog early this morning, partly because I had not blogged for a few days and largely because I am not able to sleep due to a cold.

It is already a beautiful morning outside. There are some dark clouds, but the buildings are towering mightily among them.

I am having a conversation with the lights of the city. The antennae lights atop the Sears tower are blinking, keeping the pulse of the city. At the distance, I see the lights shining on the pillars of the Field Museum, standing out in the middle of the skyscrapers. Lights are being turned on in the apartments opposite our window. The city is just waking up, perhaps eager to be done with the Friday and get to the weekend.

Even as I blog the buildings are getting a red tinge from the brilliant morning sun. And now they are bathed with a golden yellow glow. All the man made lights blur into the background.

What a glorious time of the year in Chicago!

I have mixed feelings this morning - soaking in the city, the sadness of moving out of here today and the expectations of what lies ahead.

It was only months back when we moved into the city, having made some very important and risky changes to our lives. We were nervous and excited. The big city took us in, embraced us into its arm and has left us wanting for more. There are so many things to like about this city - the public transport, the architecture, the diversity of people, foods, arts... I am limited by my linguistic abilities, but my mind visualizes a million other things.

I would say it was a fairly successful trip: we experienced the four seasons (including about 40 days of sub zero temps), the risks yielded rewards, and I got the chance to experience the city, first with my wife and and then also with my parents and friends. Most importantly, I was lucky to meet some decent people, who I now call friends. It makes it all the more difficult to move away from them, having spent so little time.

On the other hand, I think about what lies ahead, both in the immediate future, with the road trip and in a month, with the new responsibilities. I know there is growth in store from all these experiences. I look forward to it.

For now, for today, as we drive west, I will be thinking about my goodbye to the windy city.

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