Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Art Institute of Chicago

Day 10:

The first time Ishani tried to get my parents to watch the Harry Potter movie, they slept through it. This afternoon they seemed to be ready to watch the first movie without dozing off. They did and they seemed to like it. Now, I can watch the other three movies with them too, and maybe go to the fifth one before they leave for India!!

After the movie, we decided to take advantage of the free admission into the Art Institute of Chicago on Thursdays. We started our trip with the Thorne Miniature gallery, with exact models of rooms from the past centuries. If I had not indicated these were miniature models, they would look like the real deal. You can probably pick up a reflection of someone on the glass if you noticed carefully.

Amma and achan are standing next to one of the exhibits in the Touch Gallery, designed specifically for the museum goers to touch and feel the sculpture. And if you missed it, achan has done away with his mustache. Here today, gone tomorrow! He figured most locals do not have any vegetation under their noses and decided to temporarily follow suite.

Here is Ishani explaining art to my parents... as if she has a clue :)

Among the other pieces we saw tonight was a sculpture of Hariharan (half Shiva and half Vishnu).

Finally we saw some contemporary art exhibits, which as usual, were way over my head. Its probably an indication of my ignorance of this art expression, but it seemed like one can get away with anything in the name of abstract art.


boeboe said...

i had to write about a statue of shanmuka:

i'm wondering if it's still on display.

Murali said...


Yes, Shanmuka is still there, in gallery 136.

indrani said...

that miniature gallery looks damn real!!