Friday, April 27, 2007

Seeking Dragons

I've been wanting to start blogging for a while. Given that I can type, have an Internet connection and do have some things to say once in a while, I am surprised I did not do it sooner. Ah! well, procrastination is a powerful concept. It takes a lot less to watch one of the Harry Potter movies for the millionth time, than to put together something intelligent.

I have to credit one of my professors to have finally convinced me to do so. Well, she was not trying to convince me; just couple of things she said left an impression, kind of like Gandalf nudging Bilbo out the door. One, as she eloquently put, having an opinion adds 50 points to ones IQ. Two, according to her, wisdom does not come from experiences, but rather from intelligent reflection on the experiences.

Therein begins my effort to verbalize and digitize my thoughts and opinions. As for any of it being intelligent, there is only so much any professor can do about it.

Bilbo went on to find trolls, orcs, Gollum, ring and a dragon, among other things. Having stepped out, its time to seek some dragons.